Unique Wedding Hairstyles for Short, Long and Sexy Hair

Curly Wedding Hair created with extension

Luscious locks, teaming tresses, cute curls, miraculous manes - whatever moniker you have bestowed upon your hair, brides know how important it is to have a good hair day on their big day. Thankfully we're here to show you some unique wedding hairstyles for short, long and sexy hair just in time!

Hair Extensions

Celebrity brides hanker for hair extensions to add volume, length and thickness. Whether your locks are naturally long or you've plumbed for the popular pixie cut, hair extensions can be utilised to inject a pop of colour, give you waist length hair or add a little bounce and body. Hair Development stock a range of glamorous hair extensions that can be utilised to give you wedding ready hair. A professional will be able to advice when extensions should be placed and how to care adequately for them to ensure that they shine on your wedding day.

Sexy Style

Hair is a versatile body part and there is so much you can do with. Typically most brides take one of two approaches to their hair:

1) They stick to their favourite hair style and just make it more glamorous for the big day

2) They go for a completely out of character look

You'll want to decide which of the two camps to pledge allegiance to.

The decision you make should also factor in other considerations:

  1. Will you prefer a practical do?
  2. Are you marring outside, at the beach or at a windy location? In this instance, long, out styles may be compromised
  3. Are you wedding in a hot or cool environment?
  4. How do you feel most comfortable wearing your hair on a typical day?

You'll want to opt for a hair style that:

  • Frames your face
  • Flatters your look i.e. updos flaunt shoulderless dresses beautifully
  • Reflects your personality

Highly popular and ultra on trend looks include:

The Clean Sweep

The clean sweep is ideal for those who want a simple, subtle style. It's also perfect for brides marrying outdoors or in hot places. It's also a highly flattering style if you've picked a shoulderless dress as it accentuates the delicate curve of the neck and shoulders.

The Low Updo

The updo is such a popular style because it enables the bride to accentuate her soft feminine curves; the neck and shoulders look graceful and elegant in a wedding dress and tumbling lock locks can look clumsy and undo the effect. The low updo works well on any woman and sits lower than other styles.

The Short Bob

If you opted for a bob some time ago, there's no need to grow it out. Bobs can look beautiful particularly with backless or shoulderless dresses. Opt for poker straight locks or curl the ends for a slightly quaint and girly finish.


Long curly locks are flirty and feminine and add a joyful appeal to the big day. If you're hair is naturally curly, wavy or tousled, embrace your big curls with a longer look that screams loud and proud. Curls work dramatically well with simple statement dresses as they add a lot of personality all on their own. Feel free to embellish the look with accessories.

Poker Straight

If you tend to wear your hair straight, there's no need to deviate from your tried and tested techniques on your wedding day. Poker straight hair works well with virtually any style of dress. Add a braid or the odd tousle here and there if you want to make a subtle statement and make the look your own.

Hair Accessories

Not all brides choose to use hair accessories but there are many on the market that can really put the icing on the cake.


Tiaras add a regal approach which lends elegance and sophistication. Most wedded women dream of being a Princess at some stage and a strategically placed tiara is one way to embrace the look.


Teaming your tresses with flowers adds femininity to a look. Flowers can be subtle or overblown depending on the style that you're going for.

Hair Glitter

Glitter hair spray helps hair to shine and lends it a sexy sheen. It's possible to make it yourself but you can also purchase Silver Glitter Hair Spray from Claires as well as many other outlets.