Hot Celebrity Hen Party Themes & Ideas to Kick Start your Nuptials

Stylish hen Party

A bride's hen do is one of the few nights prior to her wedding on which she can kick up her heels and have fun with her girlfriends without having to plan a thing. These hot celebrity hen partry themes will bring your night all of the glitz and glamour you could want before the big day.

Kim Kardashian

Kim K is not one to play second fiddle, especially at her own hen do. Flanked by her Kardashian clan, Paris' most romantic hotels or head to irresistible Italy.

Millie Mackintosh

The reality TV star recently married rapper boyfriend Professor Green and opted for a low key affair with a close friend. Beautiful Millie was a marvel in a decadent tiara and veil combination and gorged on champagne and cupcakes emblazoned with photos of herself and her love.

What to do: No-one said that you could only be a bride for a day; get into the spirit by dressing to impress with Bride-based goodies. Tiaras, veils, even flowers and faux rings can be utilised to enjoy the day. You can make the day a beau focused event if you wish; adding food, accessories or items related to your lover can make the day feel more special.

Rochelle Wiseman and Una Healy

Best buddies and The Saturday stars Rochelle and Una decided to share their celebrations by deciding on the same day. There were no Bridezilla moments here as the best friends stood side by side to enjoy their last shot at single life. Rather than a debauched drinking affair, the girls took a classy approach indulging in various health oriented procedures including massages, facials and makeovers.

What to do: Pamper yourself! Wedding preparations can be stressful, overwhelming and even downright terrifying at times. Pampering a bride before her wedding day can make her feel like a million dollars physically, emotionally and mentally. Do share the experience with a friend; you can cement a strong friendship and go through the fun experience together. The UK is teaming with spa breaks so book your bride in ASAP.

The Duchess of Cambridge

Not one to hog the limelight, not much is known about Kate's hen do other than that it was a family and close friend's only affair. Used to being on magazines and newspaper covers all over the world, Kate's wedding made front page news which is why she was so keen to keep her hen undercover.

What to do: If a big hoo-ha isn't quite your style, keep it tight by only inviting your inner circle. Keep proceedings off of Facebook and other social networking sights. This is for your eyes only.

Kate Moss

Kate has always been quirky and unconventional so naturally, her approach to her hen do was somewhat unusual. Kate shipped a selection of close friends to the Isle of Wight for a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding themed party. Kate flew in 300 bottles of plonk by helicopter and the guests attended in all-pink hummers.

What to do: When it comes to hen do's there are no rules. Embrace your personality and do something that you know you'll enjoy. If dinner and drinks isn't quite your style, then do something a little off kilter. After all, it's your day. Don't be afraid to push the boat out. Naturally stay within your means financially but enjoy yourself with a little splurge whether it be on food, drink or an experience.