Gorgeous Bride Favourite Wedding Game

Gorgeous Bride Lets You Dress Barbie Up Like Royalty

Gorgeous Bride lets you dress up Barbie for her much awaited wedding. With the world-famous icon’s vast array of fashionable gowns and accessories to choose from, it is up to you to find the pieces for the best possible wedding ensemble. This game features simple controls and easy play mechanics allowing players of all ages to enjoy it.

Release Date: 30/11/2011

Portal Rating: 4.5/5

Gorgeous Bride Favourite Wedding is developed by Gold Hair Games.

Nice and Easy

The controls are quite simple so dress-up game veterans should be no stranger to the game's mechanics. All you need to do is to click on the icon corresponding to the type of clothing or accessory you want Barbie to wear and then choose from the items which are then displayed on the game screen. Clicking on one will let Barbie try it on, so you can see for yourself whether or not you made the right choice.

Because the main focus here is to assemble an outfit, Gorgeous Bride has a lot more clothing options than Super Wedding Stylist -- another Barbie game in the genre. There are five clothing categories and five types of accessories all in all. Within that, of course, are many different options. First off, the Hair category gives you six different styles to choose from. Do you want to keep Barbie's iconic blonde locks or would you prefer to see her as a redhead? Perhaps making her a brunette like Courtney would suit the look you are going for. You can go through the different categories in any order you wish and you may even choose to skip articles of clothing completely.

What to Choose From

For the Tops, you also have six items to choose from. There are an array of blouses as well as a few which fit in nicely with a cocktail dress. The Bottoms range from casual jeans to long skirts which look like they'd be perfect for a formal gala event. If you want something a bit more elegant though, you may want to go for a full Dress instead. There are eight of them to choose from, including a strapless tulle dress, a turquoise off shoulder number and some that are definitely fit for a princess. Of course, what ensemble will be complete without a pair of shoes? Just like the Tops and Bottoms, there are six in total and a couple even have cute ribbon straps.

Now, as for the accessories, they are not restricted to jewelry. If you want to, you can give Barbie a Bouquet of Red Roses, Pink Roses, Hydrangeas or Yellow Mums. For a dose of sophistication, you may opt to make Barbie wear a pair of Earrings as well as a head-turning necklace.

To complement the hair style you chose -there are various head accessories for you to choose from; do you want something dainty? Go for the flower headband or the ribbon. If you're looking for something that screams "royalty" then go for the mini crown instead. Not only does it make Barbie look like she has won a beauty pageant, it's great for the fairy tale wedding theme. Last but not the least, there are six Veils to complete the wedding look. There are double veils, long veils, short ones as well as colored pieces to ensure a cohesive outfit.

Once you are done giving Barbie a wedding-worthy makeover, you can then press the "Show" link to bring her to her important event. On the other hand, if you wish to start over from scratch, you can simply press Reset to remove whichever articles of clothing you've already clicked on.

The Verdict: Better Than it Seems

With Gorgeous Bride's options, you can already create a number of different outfits. However, it's not the dress up game to beat when it comes to variety. Many of the choices are elegant for sure but it would be nice to see a few edgy numbers. After all, modern-day weddings are already veering away from long dresses and trailing veils. It would have also benefitted from a print function, just like the one found in Super Wedding Stylist. That way, players have the option of keeping a little souvenir of their progress.

That being said, Gorgeous Bride is still a great game for dress-up game fans and Barbie enthusiasts alike. The visuals are in line with the franchise's signature look, the interface is easy to navigate and, although it could use a little more variety, the available choices already make for lovely outfits. So if you think you can make Barbie look her best, then dress her up in this 10-minute game.