Celebrity Pre-Wedding Diets

Katty Perry

Ditching a little pre-wedding weight is almost as compulsory as the dream dress and princess makeup. Unfortunately, the market is swamped with quick fixes and deadly diets. That's why we've looked far and wide to bring you some of the best diets proven to work, approved by celebrities themselves.

Katy Perry - The Five Factor Plan

Frequently caught wearing cup cakes and whipped cream, Katy certainly didn't eat them prior to her wedding to Russell Brand.

The Regime: Katy works out five times a week and eats five small meals daily hence the name ‘the Five Factor.' Other fans of the diet include screen siren Megan Fox and Halle Berry. The regime works so successfully because it is achievable; there is no starvation involved and celebrities are able to slim down without sacrificing their curves. The Five Factor plan involves eating five small meals containing less than five ingredients that each take less than five minutes to prepare and teaming this with regular, intensive exercise sessions.

Kate Middleton - The Dukan Diet

Kate wowed the world when she stepped out on her wedding day thanks to that dress and the Dukan diet.

The Regime:

High-protein, low-carb and low-fat, the Dukan diet forces the body to attack its own fat reserves by entering the body into a state referred to as ketosis. The four phase diet consists of the following segments:

  • 1. Attack - eat protein-rich foods without abandon. You can literally be as hedonistic as you like. This period should consist of 10 days
  • 2. Cruise - incorporate vegetables and establish protein only and vegetable and protein based days until your desired weight is achieved
  • 3. Consolidation - begin reintroducing other food groups such as fruit, carbs and fat
  • 4. Stabilisation - eat as you normally would but once per week eat protein only

Kate is known to have lost 3kg per week by adhering to this diet. Get the Dukan Diet book at amazon if you want to try this diet yourself.

Megan Fox - Paleo Diet

Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus are fans of the Paleo diet otherwise known as the caveman diet.

The Regime:

The Paleo diet works on the basis that the most healthful diet for mankind is one which was rigorously adhered to by our ancestors. Eliminating processed foods, those who commit to the Paleo diet each only fresh, lean meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Anything artificial or processed does not factor in whatsoever so it's time to ditch the junk. It is reported that Megan lost a steady 5lbs a week leading up to her wedding. The Paleo diet is so highly heralded because it doesn't involve any dietary sacrifice; you just have to eat wholesome, authentic food just as our ancestors would have before us. Loren Cordain has written a helpful book specific to this diet advising you how to lose weight as well as becoming healthy simply by consuming the foods our bodies were originally designed to consume.

Jennifer Aniston - Zone Diet

Jennifer has looked slim and trim for years and it's largely due to the Zone Diet.

The Regime:

The Zone Diet is all about balance; carbs, protein and fat should be consumed in an equal ratio. Dieters must consume three meals per day and are allowed two snacks. This diet is handy because you still get to eat all the good stuff and you won't get hungry. It's also possible to lose 2kg within two weeks. Get the Zone Diet book by Sears Barry, a PHD Scholar, if this is the regime you want to follow.

Miranda Kerr - Blood Type Diet

As a former Victoria's Secret angel, Miranda makes looking fantastic look fun.

The Regime:

The premise behind the blood type diet is that each blood type impacts the way in which the body diets. With that in mind, type O's require protein, B's require a steady supply of meat, fish and dairy and A's are suited to vegetarian diets. This diet encourages slow weight loss which eliminates the risk of stretch marks or diet crashes. It's possible to lose 1kg per week. Dr Peter D'Adamo has written a few highly regarded books explaining the rationale behind his bloody diet theory in very simple step, get your hands on his latest cook-book if you want to know more.

Gwyneth Paltrow - 5:2 Diet

Gwyneth is one of our go to standards for slimness and is an advocate for healthy living.

The Regime:

The 5:2 diet consists of eating normally five days a week and fasting twice. On these two particular days, brides are encouraged to eat 500 calories only. This diet is not always ideal depending on your lifestyle but fasting can be incorporated safely presuming you have no health concerns. The popular 5:2 Diet book by Chris Cheyette contains 60 delicious low-fat and 30 healthy snack recipes to help you lose any pre-wedding pounds.