Celebrity Bridal Beauty Tips and Secrets to Create the Perfect Look

Beautiful and radiant bride

When it comes to weddings, celebrities know how to wow us. Just when we think that we've seen it all, a new bride struts her stuff in a gorgeous gown. They haven't just got the celebrity hunk; they've also got the dress, accessories and glorified sense of style to seal the deal. Such splendour isn't solely reserved for the A-list; thanks to our super stealth celeb mode, we've managed to uncover certain celebrity style secrets to ensure that any women can look like a star.

Step 1: The Dress

Most brides will agree; the dress is the most important aspect of bride style. Celebrities know that the dress is the focal point of the entire day which is why they pull out all the stops. There are so many styles to choose between which can make it an intimidating choice. Celebrities know what flatters the occasion as well as their bodies and personality. You want a dress that truly reflects your values. Pick between 1-3 words that encapsulate how you want to feel as a bride (i.e. fun, traditional, feminine, reserved or sparkly) and base your dress around your chosen words.

Kate Middleton opted for a reserved, traditional dress that still had a huge WOW factor, Elizabeth Taylor embraced old-world glamour with sweeping shoulders and a cinched in waist and Jade Pinkett did her own thing entirely when she opted for a crushed velvet and silk gown that was very much of its time.

Step 2: The Hair

Even if you aren't normally known for your tumbling tresses, a woman's wedding day gives her the perfect opportunity to have a good hair day. It's best to wash hair the day before the wedding as styles are more likely to hold in place. You can either dramatically improve upon your regular hair look or boldly go in a different direction. Most brides opt for a glamorised version of their favourite look and extensions are frequently used to add thickness, length and volume.

The classic updo - https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/classic-updo-hairstyles-from-the-60s/ is so popular, braids are bang on trend and long locks always look lovely. If you aren't sure, select a style midway between an up-do and long, left out hair. Angelina Jolie looked a vision with uncharacteristically slicked back hair which emphasised her startling features whilst Kim Kardashian left her hair long when she wed Kanye West.

Step 3: The Makeup

Celebrities know that even if they try to keep their nuptials a secret, all eyes will be on them. They have to look their best. The key is to start with a flawless foundation and to give yourself a rosy glow. A natural blush is essential - the term 'blushing bride' wasn't coined for nothing and beautiful blushes are everywhere; Mac's Powder Blush is one of our favourites. There really are no rules when it comes to wedding makeup; you can keep it simple and fresh like Kate Middleton, bold as was the case with Gwen Stefani's trademark red lip or somewhere in between. Hire a makeup artist who knows how to emphasise your features to full effect. The key is to pick one feature, typically your favourite so as to prevent an overdone look. Opt for smoky eyes and a nude lip or red lips with lashings of mascara. We are not one to advocate physical comestic changes to your appearance but there are now laser treatments to make skin smoother and to remove acne, sunburn and black spots to make your skin smooth and light. Providers such as http://www.medivisage.com/ can offer super fast and risk free treatments.

Step 4: Accessories

The accessories maketh the dress and celebrities know some of the best ways to bring their gowns to full glory. Some brides prefer simplicity; in this case a simple neck piece and earring combo can be effective. JLo and Gwen Stefani led the veil brigade and tiaras and flowers lend a glamorous feminine appeal as Liz Hurley and Madonna found out. Pick one or two accessories; remember too much can really detract from the desirability of your dress.

Step 5: Attitude

Once the dress, hair, makeup and accessories are perfected, the final piece of the puzzle is attitude. Celebrity brides are confident, joyful and know have to seize the moment and make it all about them. Enjoy how beautiful you look and feel and embrace the new journey ahead of you as you set out on married life. Let your personality shine through. Remember; a woman's wedding day should be one of the most memorable, wonderful and happy days of her life. Throw yourself into the celebrations and enjoy every moment.

We hope our celebrity bridal beauty and tips secrets can work for you on your wedding day. Why not check out some of our other wedding beauty advice here.