Celebrities Who Got Married Later in Life | Demi Moore, Elizabeth Hurley

Being a beautiful new bride has nothing to do with age. These celebrity brides show that the heart knows no age as they tied the knot later on in life. These love struck celebs show that when it comes to love there is no such thing as a late bloomer.

Demi Moore

Demi and Ashton Kutcher

Demi married her toy boy heart throb Ashton Kutcher when she was 43 years of age. The Showgirls star and her young love shared an age difference of 16 years. Ashton had professed that Demi was his dream woman and stepped in to play house with Demi’s existing children with former husband Bruce Willis. Although their marriage did not last, they had one of the most heart warming celebrity unions whilst they endured. Navigating age gaps in relationships can be tricky but a heartfelt union can overcome the majority of hurdles.

Elizabeth Hurley

Classically beautiful, we're sure that English rose Liz would look wonderful in a wedding dress at any age. 42 when she wed hubby Arun Nayar, Liz was handed over to her handsome husband by none other than Elton John. Decked out in Versace on the day, Elizabeth and Arun remain very much in love and Elizabeth juggles the modern myriad of motherhood with her marriage and business. She certainly knows how to keep all her balls in the air.

Salma Hayek

Salma's husband Francois-Henri Pinault surprised his bride from the very beginning, luring her on a date that masqueraded as a press conference. The Latin lovely and her Prince Charming married in Paris on Valentine's Day (could it be any more romantic?). Salma's a lucky lady. Vacationing in Paris is a great way to get off to a great start with someone close to your heart.

Helen Hunt

Helen wed at the age of 38. The man in question? Matthew Carnahan which whom she shares a daughter. The two remain very much happily together. Perhaps it takes marrying later in life to know what you truly want?

Nicole Kidman

After her highly publicised marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole famously remarked that she could finally wear heels again after their divorce. Nicole has since found love with county rocker Keith Urban and their union seems far more grounded and secure. Nicole has stated that she has learnt many lessons from marriage and that approaching marriage later in life gives a completely different perspective to that which you experience in your twenties.

Julianne Moore

Hollywood veteran Julianne remains a fresh face in her field with her fiery red tresses and warm demeanour. The actress has always been dogged by a string of suitors but finally decided to settle down at the age of 43 with renowned director Bart Freundlich.

Ellen Degeneres

Daytime chat show host Ellen celebrated turning 50 by marrying her lifelong love Portia DeRossi. Ellen has consistently spoken favourably of their union claiming that she falls in love with Portia more and more all the time and that they are both highly attuned to how rare such a union is.

Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand and James Brolin

Barbara wed long term love James Brolin when both were in their mid-fifties. The striking star had been married previously as had her husband who had accumulated a trio of marriages in his past! The success of their marriage is largely attributed to the lessons garnered from their previous marriages. The two claim that accepting one another's flaws, taking responsibility for their side of the relationship and negotiating freely with one another are essential to maintaining their marriage. Barbara also let slip recently that the two spend a lot of time in bed together.

And now for the men:

It's not only the ladies who marry later in life. Many esteemed Hollywood bachelors asked for their blushing brides hand later on too:

George Clooney

George Clooney was briefly married once but it seemed as if he would be an eternal bachelor forever. When he did marry, he chose a corker. Wife Amal is a highly reputed lawyer.

Harrison Ford

Harrison fell in love with Calista Flockhart at the age of 60. Despite their astronomical age difference, they have proven their naysayers wrong.

Brad Pitt

Formerly wed to Jennifer Aniston, Brad aged 50, recently wed Angelina Jolie. The two are known for their rainbow brood of six and for their stellar movie careers.