5 Beautiful Wedding Dresses Fresh from the Movies

There's no doubt about it; brides-to-be and freshly ringed fianc├ęs make up a large movie going market. Hollywood has responded kindly, releasing a spate of wedding oriented romcoms and chick flicks complete with our favourite stars, marriage motivated shenanigans and desirable dresses. If you want to feel like a star at a celebrity wedding then take your cue from these fantastic film frocks. We've selected five of the most famous and fashionable to help you simplify your dress crusade.

1.Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride

Maggie Carpenter has no problem enrapturing men having accumulated her fair share of wedding proposals. Unfortunately once she gets them to the altar, Maggie gets cold feet and jilts them time after time. Columnist Ike Graham is keen to uncover the reasoning behind Maggie's regular runaways.

Many a girl first fell in love with the virginal white wedding dress after seeing Julia Roberts shine in her striking gown with a tight fitting bodice and free flowing skirt. Baring her shoulders and riding a wild stallion, Julia worked her way through a plethora of dresses showcasing the variety of gorgeous gowns available. Runaway Bride almost serves as a visual catalogue showcasing a smorgasbord of high-end wedding fashion to inspire brides-to-be. Strapless wedding gowns offer a very modern take on a cutting edge classic.

2.My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Nia Vardalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

When a young woman from an utterly Orthodox Greek family falls in love with a man from a non-Greek background, chaos ensues. Juggling the love of her love with cultural complications, My Big Fat Greek Wedding explores culture clashes as both have to accept one another's differences and families!

Toula's elegant dress is conventional, reserved and still jaw-droppingly gorgeous. We like exploring the wedding dress in terms of its cultural significance; in this case in order to respect Greek culture, the dress remains figure-hugging and flattering but also tame and tidy - no sensationalism here! This style of dress is perfect for the more modest, traditionally minded bride who wants to avoid pomp and fluff.

3.Father of the Bride

Kimberly Williams-Paisley in Father of the Bride

A 90s classic, Father of the Bride tells the story of weddings from the father's perspective. George Banks is all set to marry off his oldest daughter but soon finds the prospect of releasing her to the charge of her husband an emotional ordeal. George's reluctance to let go exposes all sorts of nuances in the father-daughter bond and remains a film that has us reaching for the tissues time and time again.

Annie's dress is spellbinding in its intricate detail featuring a veil, gorgeous lace flower motif and beautiful heart shaped bodice. Feminine and modest all at once, Annie's gown retains lovely low-key sophistication.

4.Bride Wars

Kate Hudson in Bride Wars

When best friends Liv and Emma schedule their nuptials on the same day, a heated rick-rollicking rivalry ensues that threatens to tear their friendship apart. Exploring modern day 'Bridezilla' attitudes, both brides attempt to sabotage the others big day.

Forget about one wedding dress; Bride Wars gives us two beautiful wedding dresses. Both brides are blessed with a uniquely different sense of style which serves to showcase the versatile range of dresses available. Liv emphasises her gown with a fluffy, flirty, feminine style utilising everything fun and fresh about the proud and puffy dress whilst Emma opts for simple, subtle sophistication retaining a sense of elegance and ethereal femininity. It seems that everything about the two brides is polar opposite, except for their wedding day! Bride Wars focuses on the comedic value of the biggest day of a woman's life when she has to share it with her best friend.

5.My Best Friend's Wedding

Cameron Diaz movie wedding

Julianne Potter finds herself falling for her best friend Michael weeks before his wedding to blonde bombshell Kimberly. Having made a promise years before that they would marry one another if both were single, the realisation that Michael has met his soon to be bride triggers Julianne's true feelings. With time running out, Julianne rushes off to wreck his wedding to the perfect woman but is she too late?

Julianne wowed in an utterly feminine lilac gown but it was Kimberly, portrayed by Cameron Diaz who stole the show in a show stopping white dress to die for. Michael certainly had a hard choice ahead of him! Lilac wedding gowns certainly offer an exciting twist to classic gown colouring.